About Us

Spacewave Network and Telecom Limited (SNTL) is a privately owned Kenyan   information and communication technology company providing specialized information and communications technology solutions and services to the rapidly growing ICT access market. Spacewave Network and Telecom Limited Company was founded in 2010 under the companies’ act (cap 486), laws of Kenya.

Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd focuses on providing Business Information and communication Technology (ICT) Support services and solutions; in an outsourced model. Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd brings the best to the table of Outsourced ICT Service Management, Service Level Based Support and ICT Maintenance Services. We do this while building capacities around business continuity. At Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd, we understand that businesses have different challenges and needs and as such our offering on the below 4 services will be aligned to meet your immediate and future needs.

Managed IT Services:

Your business runs an ICT department as a monthly operational cost. People and process involved are done by Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd. This includes Software and/or hardware installations, configurations, upgrades and support. This as well covers day to day monitoring, ICT User Support, Servers, Network and Software support.

Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd runs the ICT Systems and/on your behalf. In this arrangement, Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd delivers your ICT operations strategy. We design the Information Technology Support Services Section based on best ITIL practices and staff it with relevant skills and expertise to offer ICT services to the rest of the organization. Based on agreed Service Level, Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd defines the required resources to deliver services to you and these are reviewed on a monthly/quarterly basis through Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. Contracts are signed at a minimum of one year. All ICT Support staff belong to Spacewave Network and

Telecom Ltd and client is billed quarterly for services.

Technical Support Contract -Service Level Based:

Applicable to businesses that have already setup systems and would like to have a preferred ICT Support partner. Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd and the customer agree on required number of hours and the skills required to support the ICT Systems. Responses to ICT Support incidences are tracked in Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd Client Management System (CRM), and assigned a pre-determined Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd and customer. A weekly/quarterly report is used to track Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd performance against SLA.Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd is responsible for staffing and skill development. Customers pay quarterly to a period of one year.

IT Maintenance Services –Preventive Maintenance (PM)/Annual Maintenance Contract


This refers to servicing of Information and communication technology Systems Equipment on a periodical basis to optimize their performance. Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd maintains ICT equipment and software to make sure that they are clean, have the latest software drivers, and oiling for moving parts. Operating Systems are patched to ensure they are secure and optimally running. Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd helps your business to keep proper and up-to-date inventory of your ICT equipment, warranty status and performance state.

The cost of maintenance is based on the inventory list. Equipment outside the standard inventory shall be maintained and billed separately. Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd provides the materials required for the service. Preventive Maintenance is scheduled and carried out at a time of least disruption to the business.

Service Centre:

Customer only contacts Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd as and when the breakdowns happen within the ICT Systems. Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd upon receiving commitment for minimum labour charges of one hour from customer, dispatches a support engineer to diagnose and advice client what needs to be done? The customer will bear the costs of parts if they are needed. If the equipment requires maintenance without parts, customer is charged on an hourly basis as agreed with customer.

Spacewave Network and Telecom Limited also offers installation services of two-way radio systems, security surveillance systems, Local and wide area network infrastructure, satellite communications systems and any other ICT related services.

Spacewave Network and Telecom Limited believes in the provision of services through partnering with the client in evaluating their current systems, redesigning and upgrading or replacing them to improve efficiency in their business processes. At Spacewave Network and Telecom Limited we believe in having a long-term relationship with clients so as to understand their business systems better and therefore provide solutions from an informed position.

Our Team:

Spacewave Network and Telecom Ltd strives to employ personnel of skill, integrity and enthusiasm and provide them with the opportunities to be exposed to different technological challenges.

Armed with this unique combination of strengths, we are confident that we can supply and

offer any product and services required by our customers.

Our personnel have the strong technical background and relevant work experience to meet the customers’ expectations.

Our Organizational structure

Our Vision:

To become a leading company offering the best, reliable, valued added solutions to our consumers and stakeholders.


Our Mission:

To increase benefits and value added to customers and stakeholders.


Our Values:

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect